Eight Reasons for Underweight of Textile Fabrics

2019-10-14 210

There are eight main reasons for the lack of fabric weight:

For example, only 41 yarns are required for 40 practical measurements.

(2) Lack of moisture regain. Fabrics processed by printing and dyeing lose a lot of moisture during drying, and the standard of fabrics refers to the weight of the standard moisture regain. Therefore, when the weather is dry and the cloth dried by drying does not have sufficient moisture regain, the gram weight will also be deficient, especially natural fibers such as cotton, linen and wool, the error will be very large.


(3) Raw yarn wears heavily during weaving, which leads to excessive hairiness shedding, resulting in yarn thinning and low weight.

④ in the process of dyeing, the de novo dyeing will lead to the loss of yarn and the slenderness of yarn.

_In the process of singeing, excessive firepower of singeing results in over-drying of cloth surface, and yarn damage during desizing leads to thinning.

Damage of caustic soda to yarn during mercerizing.

_Grasping and polishing the damage to the cloth surface.

The final result is that the density does not meet the technological requirements. Not produced according to the standard, weft density, warp density shortage.

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