How to Judge the Quality of Customized Fabrics for Workwear

2019-10-14 209

With the arrival of autumn, people buy a lot of clothes for the season, and the development of autumn work clothes is also very important. Fabric selection is very important, because the work clothing fabrics can not only reflect the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly affect the clothing color, shape and other functions, so the quality of work clothing fabrics is very important. So how to judge the quality of custom fabrics for autumn overalls?

1. Cotton:

Choose cotton fabrics customized work clothes, the fabric surface looks soft, feel soft, very comfortable. Moreover, this kind of fabric has the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, etc. The work clothes made by it are easy to keep warm, soft and close-fitting.


2. Knitting:

Knitted fabrics are generally divided into cotton and wool fabrics, during which cotton knitting feels soft, elastic and not easy to slacken. Compared with cotton knitting, wool knitting has higher strength, but it still has the characteristics of light, clean, soft and slippery.

3. Wool:

If we choose wool for autumn work clothes, we must touch it and try its feel to see if it feels smooth. Due to the general good pure wool fabrics feel along the wool, its feel is smooth, while the reverse wool has a tingling sensation. This pure wool fabric has a high rebound rate and can quickly restore to its original state, so it is more popular with people.

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