Notices for Customization of Workwear in Enterprises

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In order to cater to the critical eyes of current customers, both small and medium-sized companies and large enterprises have begun to pay more and more attention to the image and civilization of enterprises, hoping to attract the attention and favor of current customers with a common image civilization. Workwear, as an important part of corporate decent engineering, has also become a very important part of the value-bearing.

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing work clothes? How to customize suitable work clothes in the era of face value?

1. Fashionable with the characteristics of overalls

Although work clothes are the clothes that employees wear when they work, with the progress of the times, the appearance of work clothes should also keep pace with the times, and now the age level of employees in companies and enterprises is younger, ugly and cheap work clothes workers do not like to bear, even customers can not afford such work clothes. But work clothes should be different from ordinary clothes. They should embody the characteristics of enterprises or products. Otherwise, they should meet the job characteristics or some special requirements. They should also have both characteristics and fashion. Therefore, T-shirts with wide applicability and leisure fashion have become the choice of many enterprises. By customizing T-shirts, different enterprises can print exclusive and characteristic patterns on T-shirts. In this way, it ensures that the characteristics of work clothes are both fashionable and in line with the popular aesthetic.


2. fit but not tight

The reason why work clothes look ugly and LOW is that they are wide, big and unfit, or the type is not good. The fitted but not tight work clothes are the most suitable work clothes, that is to say, to ensure the beauty together without affecting the normal work or activities of workers. Besides fitness, we should also pay attention to the difference of the type, and wear the three-dimensional tailoring that fits the human body. Only in the body will there be outstanding mental state, which may be the difference in the appearance of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to the selection of uniform format when customizing work clothes.

If it's custom-made T-shirts, such casual work clothes can be selected by employees according to their own size compared with the clothes supplied by custom-made manufacturers. If it's mass customization and storage, then it should be reasonable to allocate the customized size quantity, and then employees can get more suitable work clothes when they come to get work clothes.

According to the support degree of Asian skeleton, the details of the customized pattern of Yangchen clothing are adjusted from cutting, shoulder-strapping line, sewing edge and stitches to the appropriate pattern repeatedly, which is very attractive from every angle.

3. Selection on Demand

Customized overalls from different enterprises are becoming more and more diversified in color and style selection. If it is a front-line staff's work clothes, then the color of the work clothes is best selected with the company's brand color common, because the front-line staff are often the people who touch the most with customers, especially want to use the work clothes for brand promotion, simply reminds people of the brand of the enterprise and leaves a profound image. If it is in some activities, then the style and color of work clothes can be more fashionable and attract the best attention. At this time, work clothes can be designed more fashionable. Taking the theme of activities as the theme of work clothes design, it can play a very good role in promoting single products or new project products. Therefore, the selection of customized style of enterprise work clothes Timing should be based on detailed use to select the style and pattern design of work clothes.

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